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Environmental protection equipment intelligent manufacturingIntelligent equipment manufacturing
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Prefabricated large-scale sewage treatment plant solutions
Brief introduction of case
Award-winning fast results and stable standards

Resources and environmental protection are closely combined with market demand, continuous innovation and development, and standards are improved. Large-scale integrated emergency sewage treatment equipment solutions reduce operating costs, operation stability, treatment efficiency, and strong applicability, helping all localities to win the battle against black and odor-water pollution。
Case details

River management integration series equipment won the silver Award of the National Invention Exhibition, the third prize of the final of the seventh China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Guangzhou Competition Area, Guangdong Province), is a high-tech product in Guangdong Province。The equipment can be widely used in municipal sewage, black and smelly water bodies, river basins, water source protection, lake water bodies, sludge treatment tail water, emergency treatment and other aspects。Combined with the characteristics of the existing process, it can meet A variety of effluent standards such as secondary, primary B, primary A, or surface Class V water。

For-Odor River Microbubble bioreactor series equipment

Combined high energy efficiency

The air float + biological aerated filter (BAF) process is adopted to achieve water purification while saving the land area of the subsequent sedimentation tank, and the effluent reaches the first-class A discharge standard。

For Black River Biocomplex reinforcement equipment

Large tonnage results quickly

采用Biocomplex reinforcement + high-efficiency precipitation + microfiltration,The water quality is stable to Grade A or surface Class V water standards。

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