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Comprehensive treatment of sewage in villages and townsRural sewage treatment
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Qingyuan Yangshan County PPP model to promote the whole county sewage treatment facilities construction project
Brief introduction of case
The whole county of Guangdong promoted one of the 15 demonstration projects of sewage treatment in villages and towns, improved the sewage treatment rate in Yangshan County, and improved the urban and rural living environment
Case details

Qingyuan Yangshan County PPP model of the whole county to promote sewage treatment facilities construction project total investment of about 4.6.7 billion yuan, the scope of the project includes 14 town-level sewage treatment plants and supporting pipe networks in 11 towns and 1 ethnic township, and 94 village-level sewage treatment facilities and supporting pipe networks。The project is one of 15 demonstration projects in Guangdong Province to promote sewage treatment in villages and towns under the PPP model。

- Scientific planning and design -

According to the village policy, tailored to suit

In the early stage of project construction, the Resources and environmental protection subsidiary "Resources and Water Environment Design Institute" organized a number of teams, led by experienced design leaders, to carry out full investigation and research work in each township。On the basis of township planning and layout, the site selection and treatment process of sewage treatment facilities are determined according to regional topography, population distribution, economic level, climate conditions and regional environmental capacity。The construction of the station meets the requirements of gravity flow of sewage collection pipeline, and is conducive to the discharge of tail water. The process treatment effect is stable and reliable, the operation and maintenance is simple, and the economy is reasonable。

At the same time, in the process of design selection, the implantation of construction measures is considered to ensure that the price content of the engineering group is reasonable and in line with the actual site。

- Garden sewage treatment plant -

Break through the traditional concept of sewage treatment plant,"Nimby" becomes "neighbor",0 odor, 0 noise, O pollution

All 14 wastewater treatment plants use AOO (anaerobic-anoxic-aerobic method) +Filter cloth filter tank technologyThe effluent water quality meets the "Pollutant Discharge Standard for Urban Sewage Treatment Plants" (GB18918-2002) Grade A discharge standard。

The sewage treatment plant adopts the whole buried/semi-buried park-type factory design, breaking through the traditional concept of sewage treatment plant land, and completely solving the problems such as dirty air and noise generated in the sewage treatment process. The ground part of the construction of garden-style landscape greening, integration with the surrounding landscape, and improving the value of the surrounding land resources。

The design of the buried plant solves the NIMby effect of the sewage treatment plant, realizes the change from "NIMby" to "neighbor benefit", wins the understanding and support of the surrounding people, reduces the resistance of the project construction, and integrates environmental benefits, social benefits and economic benefits。

- High quality engineering -

High specification and high standard of craft production

Cost control, quality assurance, promotion degree

During the construction process, the resource and environmental protection project team overcame geological conditions, transportation and other difficulties, implemented the process and material selection in accordance with the normative system and standards, strictly controlled the construction cost, guaranteed the quality of the project, and fully promoted the project progress。

In order to improve the compaction and impermeability of the all-buried/semi-buried sewage treatment tank, the project uses structural self-waterproofing technology, and steel plate waterstop is used at the deformation joint of the tank body to ensure the quality of civil engineering。The underground process pipeline is laid according to the gravity flow of the water body, and the underground pipe network with rich hierarchical sense and multi-dimensional coexistence is constructed。

In order to meet the needs of the project's 28 years of operation, the project from water pipe material, water pump mixer, to electrical and automatic control sections, the use of Maple Leaf, Grundfos, Siemens and other high-end brands, standardized parts to achieve efficient operation of the sewage treatment plant。

These are in the standard construction requirements, standard process requirements, standard quality requirements, to achieve water quality standards discharge。

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